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Cornerstone E-mail

Church Address

Cornerstone Community Gospel Tabernacle
2902 Piedmont Road
Charleston, WV 25311

Mail: PO Box 4264, Charleston WV 25364


Online Contact Info
Cornerstone Church
Cornerstone Community Gospel Tabernacle of Charleston


Lord keep from all bitterness, I pray,

In these perplexing days of doubt and strain,

When courage fails, and faith and hope grow dim,

Oh, let me not complain.


Oh, save me from the ever haunting fear

That clutches at my heart with wild demands,

That chills my love and paralyzes faith,

And blinds my eyes to all God's plans.


Lord, let me not feel pity for myself;

But go my way with laughter and good cheer,

With spirit high, and eye and heart aglow

With strength to scorn each tear.


Let me not feel that I alone do suffer,

I would not doubt the wisdom of God's plan;

The world has ever groaned and sought release

From pain, since time began.


So Let me face the future unafraid.

Today is good, tomorrow taunts with fear;

Tomorrow I shall find but God's today

To prove anew His presence near.


                                          -William Massie



Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.